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The name Rocky Intertidal evokes the tide pools of the Oregon coast.

The so-called rocky intertidal zone is that strip of seashore that is under water during high tide and above water during low tide.

Teeming with sea life, the rocky intertidal zone’s hardiest inhabitants bear the alternating relatively dry, hot conditions of low tide and crashing waves at high tide.

If that sounds a bit like the seasonal existence of many businesses, it’s because it is.

Rocky Intertidal CoCreative (click here for the definition of “CoCreative”) is here to help you weather the economic highs and lows of  by connecting your business with potential customers.

While we are based on the Oregon coast, our clients hail from as far away as Toulouse, France, and are scattered across the globe in between.

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  1. Lisa Broms says:

    Congratulations Kelly! Love the idea and the name

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