You’ve heard of marketing and public relations firms referring to themselves as Something-Something Creative.

So what’s with our CoCreative handle?

Cocreation is a word Kelly has used for years to emphasize the power of collaboration, no matter what the goal. She uses it to indicate that creation never happens in a vacuum.

We looked into the term further and discovered that there are some who define the word as “an active, creative and social process, based on collaboration between producers and users, that is initiated by the firm to generate value for customers,” which works for us as well.

In fact, the word is being used a lot more out there than one might have imagined.

Even so, publications targeting business owners are still running articles explaining the concept and conventions are featuring speakers on the subject.

The key reason we went with the word simply lies in the collaboration component, not just when it comes to working with other marketing and public relations professionals or the customers we represent, but by working with their customers, or helping them to collaborate with their customers, when and how it makes sense.

It’s a bit reminiscent of drawing the curtain hiding the Wizard of Oz, and thereby empowering everyone else.

So, yes, it’s Rocky Intertidal CoCreative. …. Of course, just to be different, we dropped the hyphen.

'Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!'

About rockyintertidalcocreative

Rocky Intertidal CoCreative is a boutique marketing and public relations company based on the north Oregon coast.

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