The north Oregon coast is our home and our favorite place on earth.

However, you can’t grow up fewer than 100 miles west of the state’s biggest city without having ties to the place some call Stump Town, others call the Rose City and still others have come to know as Portlandia.

In the spring of 2011, LeeAnn began writing about the cities of Astoria and Cannon Beach for About Face, Portland’s quarterly interview magazine.

Cover of the Fall 2011 issue of About Face magazine.

According to Publisher David Bentley, the title refers to “a moment of clarity or change. Success is rarely easy and we have all made choices that influence where we stand today. We have all had an ‘about face’ in our lives, whether we recognize it or not.”

The magazine highlights local celebrities, ranging from the famous to the infamous, focusing on innovators in all fields and industries.

About Face also features news about various Portland neighborhoods and the two aforementioned cities on the Coast.

Look for copies of the fall issue of About Face, which is going to press in a few days,  throughout the north Oregon coast, Portland Metro area, Eugene, Salem and beyond, or download a pdf copy online.

About rockyintertidalcocreative

Rocky Intertidal CoCreative is a boutique marketing and public relations company based on the north Oregon coast.

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