Manzanita’s 4th Street Studio and Gallery is one of those spots you might miss if you’re not paying attention. Tucked to the north of Vino Manzanita, the gallery features the basketry of owner Kathleen Kanas as well as the work of a select group of fellow artists.

In learning about early native cultures, including the uses of baskets, Kathleen was drawn to basketry herself. She lets the old Navaho saying “She is weaving herself into the world,” lend focus to her art.

A Manzanita resident and Pacific Northwest native, she spends a good part of the year gathering and preparing the kelp, sea grass, pine needles, roots, grasses, rushes and cedar, cherry and birch barks she uses to make baskets.

When Kathleen approached us about creating a new website for her gallery, we were happy to oblige in part because we knew photos of her work would provide compelling visual building blocks for her online presence.

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Rocky Intertidal CoCreative is a boutique marketing and public relations company based on the north Oregon coast.

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