Alaina and Marty Giguiere in their new RE/MAX Coastal Advantage office in downtown Cannon Beach.

When Alaina and Marty Giguiere approached us about getting the word out about their new real estate firm, RE/MAX Coastal Advantage, we were happy to help! We wrote the following press release about the enterprise:

CANNON BEACH – If you live in Cannon Beach, Arch Cape, Neahkahnie or Manzanita, you have probably noticed real estate ¨for sale¨ signs emblazoned with a familiar name cropping up.

… Expect to see a lot more of them.

The signs point to the emergence of a new local real estate firm – RE/MAX Coastal Advantage, based in Cannon Beach and independently owned and operated by Alaina and Marty Giguiere (pronounced Ja-Gear).

“Even though the company is new, the expertise is not,” said Alaina, who has been a top-selling real estate agent in the region for more than 12 years. She was with Windermere Manzanita for over 10 years, and then joined Kamali Sotheby’s as the managing principal broker. She remained with Kamali Sotheby’s for two years before she and Marty launched RE/MAX Coastal Advantage.

“I know that if you work hard, no matter what the market, you can be successful,” she said. ¨If ever there was a time to do to start our own real estate company, now is it. The market is improving. While there is still a larger-than-normal inventory of homes on the north Oregon coast, properties are selling due to great interest rates and stabilizing prices. Buyer confidence is coming back.¨

Marty and Alaina Gigiuere in the courtyard outside their office.

Marty and Alaina Giguiere in the courtyard outside their office.

When they decided to open their own real estate business, the Giguieres were impressed with RE/MAX for a variety of reasons, including its agent support, brand recognition, the fact that the company is 40 years old and still privately owned, and by its true worldwide presence.

¨RE/MAX has offices in 89 countries,¨ she said. “It’s about selling locally and thinking globally for us. Real estate has evolved, and buyers and sellers deserve more than the same old thing.”

The Giguieres’ business motto is ¨Real Estate Standards for Those With Higher Expectations.”

They officially opened RE/MAX Coastal Advantage at their downtown Cannon Beach office in February and are planning a grand opening, with an exact date to be announced.

Alaina’s primary sales territory continues to be Cannon Beach, Arch Cape, Neahkahnie, and Manzanita, a stretch of coastline she knows well.

¨People come to Cannon Beach because it is a known destination, but they don’t always know about the communities to the south,¨ she said, adding that sometimes a client’s dream home is just down the highway. ¨While they are here, I take into account their needs and price-point – that way I can locate the perfect coastal property for them.

Ensuring her clients are well-informed is one of Alaina´s professional cornerstones. ¨I want to make sure to educate my clients about the market, so they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. I do that by taking them on my ´Alaina-Sold-For-Tour.´¨

Alaina Gigiuere in her new office in downtown Cannon Beach.

Alaina Giguiere in her new office in downtown Cannon Beach.

That tour involves driving a potential property buyer through the community of his or her interest and pointing out the sales prices of various homes, said Alaina. ¨I think it’s important for a buyer to know how much a property sold for, how many times it has sold, and whether it sold last month or five years ago,¨ she said. ¨So when I call them later and tell them their dream house is available, they know I have their best interests at heart. This has really served me well. My goal is to be their coastal Realtor for life.¨

Marty, who, after five years of urging, finally talked Alaina into starting their own real estate business, tends to work behind the scenes, keeping Alaina´s path to sales free of obstacles. ¨I do what I need to so that she doesn’t lose her focus,¨ he said, noting that he is also a licensed broker, so he can fill in where needed.

“I’ve been an entrepreneur since I got out of high school,” said Marty. “I started my own auto detailing business when I was just 18. My dad was big on ‘you’ve got to get a job with benefits,’ but once I realized I was making a good living working for myself, I never looked back.”

When he met Alaina, Marty talked her out of her lucrative bartending job at the Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas and into selling advertising in a cigar magazine, thereby launching her sales career.

¨He is, without a doubt, my right-hand guy,” said Alaina. ¨Without his love and support, I couldn’t do what I do and be successful.¨

Marty Giguiere in the RE/MAX Coastal Advantage space.

As a licensed, bonded general contractor, Marty also brings construction industry expertise to RE/MAX Coastal Advantage. That´s a major asset, said Alaina. ¨It has been immensely helpful to me. He will be able to answer building, remodeling, and home improvement questions for clients.”

The Giguieres live in Cannon Beach, which has been their home for 15 years, with son Chance, who, with his straight-A average, is on the Broadway Middle School Honor Roll.

Coastal Advantage is located between Pizza a fetta and Bella Espresso at 231 N. Hemlock Street, Suite 113, Cannon Beach, OR 97110.  You can reach the office at (503) 436-1777. Learn more at

You can read this press release on here.

You can also read it here, and here.

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