Nikki Scovel, left, and Jill Burch, outside Nikki Luxuria on Broadway, in Seaside.

You can read the below press release, which we wrote for Nikki Luxuria, in regional media, including the North Coast Citizen’s April 4 edition:

SEASIDE – Seven years after attending beauty school in Astoria together, Nikki Scovel and Jill Burch are working together to offer a comfortable, full-service salon experience geared toward locals and tourists alike.

Scovel opened Nikki Luxuria, located at 734 Broadway Street across from Yummy Wine Bar, in May.

However, it wasn´t until March that the two teamed up.

“Jill fits in perfectly here,” said Scovel. “We’re both happy and goofy.”

“… And fun!” added Burch.

Located in Seaside’s former First State Bank building, constructed in 1945, Nikki Luxuria´s architectural stateliness lends a level of elegance to a comfortable space. “People come in here and say they feel at home,” said Scovel. “It’s a big space, but it’s still cozy.”

Scovel graduated from Neah-Kah-Nie High School in 2005. She was raised in the Nehalem Bay area, where her parents still own Scovel’s Service Center. “I grew up in the shop,” she said. When it came time to consider her future as an adult, she decided to find a way to stick around the north Oregon coast. ¨I didn’t want to leave this area – it’s such a nice, beachy, coastal community,” she said.

She enrolled at the former Paul Mitchell School in Astoria, later opening Nikki Luxuria.

¨I thought about opening my business in Tillamook County, but I wanted a lot more foot traffic than I could get there,” said Scovel. ¨Seaside has a lot more tourists, and it’s not far from Nehalem.¨

Meanwhile, Burch, who grew up in Republic, Wash., had opened a salon in Nehalem. She moved to the north Oregon coast initially to attend Ecola Bible School in Cannon Beach. After graduating from beauty school, she opened Beauty at the Beach in Manzanita, in 2007.


Nikki Scovel (left) and Jill Burch take a break at Nikki Luxuria.

Three years ago, Burch opened Serendipity Salon, in Nehalem. When she learned about Nikki Luxuria, she began considering returning to Clatsop County. ¨Nikki said, ´How do you feel about working in Seaside?´¨ she said. ¨I thought, ‘I’ve got a good thing going here.’ But I had been thinking about a bigger space, and I wanted to start over with new equipment. I visited (Nikki Luxuria), and the place had a really good feel. After a lot of prayer and consideration, I made the decision to go for it. The transition has been really smooth.¨

The two continue to use their Astoria beauty school training in their daily work. ¨Paul Mitchell focuses on color and cuts,” said Scovel. ¨It’s fun to do something a little edgy. And we keep up on our education. In fact we´re going to a hair show soon. A lot of people don´t keep up with their education because they don´t have to, but doing hair is a practice.¨

Nikki Luxuria is a full-service salon, offering haircuts, color, facials, manicures, pedicures, tanning, makeup consultation, waxing, and a variety of products, including the Paul Mitchell hair line. It is available for bridal parties – Scovel and Burch even keep champagne on hand.

Scovel said she has two more stations available to rent to other hairstylists, and ¨could use a nail tech or two.¨

In the meantime, ¨We take walk-ins if we have time,” said Scovel. ¨Everyone is welcome here. We offer high quality at a cost-efficient price.¨

Despite catering to clientele from all walks of life and economic backgrounds,¨We’re still country girls at heart,¨ said Burch.

Reach Nikki Luxuria at 503-717-5377.

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